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2024 Transformative Vertical Flight in Santa Claraに出展


 名称:2024 Transformative Vertical Flight
 会場:サンタクララ コンベンションセンター (米国 カリフォルニア州)

Exciting news! We're proud sponsors and exhibitors at the upcoming event. Brace yourselves for an exclusive look at our latest high power density eVTOL motors technology. Plus, discover our expanded range of products for UAV/UAS. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss!

2024 Transformative Vertical Flight
6th Decennial VFS Aeromechanics Specialists’ Conference & 11th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium
Date : 6th to 8th Feburary, 2024
Venue : Santa Clara Convention Center
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VFS - 2024 Transformative Vertical Flight
Founded in 1943 as the American Helicopter Society (AHS), the Vertical Flight Society is the world's oldest and largest technical society dedicated to advancing vertical flight technology.

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